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The Full Story


We are a family run and operated restaurant with a passion and love for Thai food. As Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, we try to reflect this reputation with mood-boosting coloured walls, authentic decorations and an incredible selection of flavours on our menu, we really suit everyone.

Our Story

Inspired by the bright and colourful culture of Thailand based in the heart of Broomhill, Sheffield.

Taste of Thailand has been dining its loyal customers since 2018.

Our story starts with a family originally from Chon Buri, Thailand. 


Chon Buri is set on the Eastern Gulf of Thailland's coast.

The coastline is lined with beautiful beaches, busy food markets, seafood restaurants and mountains overlooking the breathtaking view of the sea. 

Born and raised on the food from the authentic busy markets and fresh seafood.

The family moved over to the UK in 2002 and with them their love and passion for Thai food and culture.  

Founder & Chef

You will find her deep in the kitchen creating flavours, preparing all the details on your dish or out front meeting all our lovely customers. Where ever she is, everything is done with love and high standards. Her love for food is reflected in our dishes. The menu was created with everyone in mind as she truly believes that everyone can enjoy Thai food!


Head Chef

With over 10 years of working in major restaurants across the UK, his first experience came from learning from mum and her love of food. He has worked along side big Thai restaurant chains and has now settled creating a local business with the family helping Mum bring her vision to life! 

His favourite part about being a chef is the empty plates that come back! its a good feeling knowing he can create food that people love and enjoy! His experience has taught him to create high standards with fast and efficient service!

Like his mother, you will sometimes spot him outside the kitchen, serving tables. The efficiency of running a business is to know all areas of it! 


Our restaurant’s name couldn’t be any simpler, it perfectly describes your dining experience - a Taste of Thailand. We aim to give you authenticity served to you right on your plate.



Thai cuisine is regarded as one of the most unique and satisfying choices among diners in the city. The variety of amazing flavours brought to the table is really astounding. Here at Taste of Thailand Sheffield, we’re happy to present you with a comprehensive experience of a vast array of Thai cuisine right under a single roof.



And what better way to fall in love with a country than through the food! Thai dishes will get you falling in love with a place you may have not even visited! If you love our food, you’re in for an even better time once you visit the land of smiles! 

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